Alcudia Hotel Association


Agrupación Empresarial Hotelera de Alcúdia was constituted in 1983, its purpose being the representation, advocacy and promotion of the common interests of its members. It has 57 Associate resorts that represent 18.412 vacancies.
The Alcudia Hotel Association is the organism that acts as a link between tourism business people as a collective, and the public administrations, associations, university and other entities and institutions directly related to the world of tourism.
The hotels offer of Alcudia is known for the high level of service and care of its facilities. A dynamic sector that renews and keeps its facilities up to date to offer the maximum guarantee of quality and service to its clients. Many of the resorts are implementing recognised quality and environmental management systems, investing on continuous improvement and respect for the environment.
Its involvement in the promotion of Alcudia as a tourism destination took it in 2004 to constitute with the Alcudia Municipality the Consortium of Promotion Abroad.
The Board of Directors of the Group is formed by:

Pablo Riera-Marsá Tur

Antonia Plomer

Jaume Vives

Amanda González

Bernardo Dahlhaus
Juan Escarrer
Vicente Giménez
Biel Llobera
Guillem Mercadal
Joan Morro




  • Julia - 27-04-2017

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    El año pasado estuvimos en Alcudia y este año repetimos!!!!

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    Hemos pasado unos días de descanso en Alcudia. Ha sido una experiencia...

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    Este invierno estuve de vacaciones en Alcudia, me alojé en un hotel muy...

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