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Calendar Alcudia - Sant Bartomeu

On August 24th, people thank Sant Bartomeu because the season fruits such as watermelons, peppers or melons are getting ripe. It's also a celebration day in Alcúdia, a place where people has always been very grateful to the soil. Fruits are emptied and different figures such as moons, cats, suns and escales de figueral are cut out and drawn in their skin, and a candle is put inside. This way fruits turned into llanternes (lanterns) and lighted up the balls de bot (Mallorcan folk dancing) that used to take place under the fig trees. This ancient celebration resulted in a parade through the streets of the old town.

For a long time this ancient tradition disappeared but a group of alcudiencs recovered it a few decades ago. Ever since kids have enjoyed their llanternes as their ancestors did in the past. The iconography has slightly changed though, there are still moons and escales de figueral but there are also many Simpsons and Disney figures and new technologies such as batteries and lighters help if there are wind gusts. However, the same songs are sung: "Es sereno ha mort un moix", "La lluna i la pruna" o "Ton pare no te nas" and kids sing them enthusiastically. Hundreds of kids get together and parade around illuminating the old town, starting at the La Placeta de les verdures and ending at the town hall with the keenly anticipated balloons and sweets release. 21:00h




  • Julia - 27-04-2017

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    El año pasado estuvimos en Alcudia y este año repetimos!!!!

  • Andrea - 22-04-2017

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    Hemos pasado unos días de descanso en Alcudia. Ha sido una experiencia...

  • Pedro - 20-02-2017

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    Este invierno estuve de vacaciones en Alcudia, me alojé en un hotel muy...

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